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NG 1/100 Kyrios : WIP #4

I realized that I only posted 3 entry only in 2012. It's only 2 entry for a month. Sigh. Where's my spirit gone? I hope I can post so many Gundam entry just like last year. In this WIP #4, I try to finish all lower part of my 1/100 Kyrios except for the weapon and the lining. FIY, I just also order 1/100 Virtue from AF-HOBBY. They sell many Gundam in a cheap price. Well, I got this just for RM140 where Gamer Arena sold for RM150. Heh, lucky me.

This is the final result we will get. Spoiler alert.

Start with the back skirt. This skirt is not movable like the front. So, it's little bit boring

What I suppose to call you? Leg-holder that attached to the middle. It's very tricky to paint with Gundam Marker.
Next time I'll use Gaia Color or Mr.Hobby acrylic paint.

The one that hold the Back Skirt

Inside back skirt, there's big area to paint. It's also have attachment for light sabers

Front skirt. Like I said before, they're movable. I use Yellow Gundam Marker .

Assembly line

Complete assembly with upper body parts and now for the leg part.
Leg Part

Left and right leg? I don't think so. It's only left leg, after finish painting grey and yellow part.

Assembly line
Grey part and area to cover with Gundam Marker. So tired to paint them.

Result of final painting. Left and right very symmetrical.
Flight Stabilizer
I don't have assembly line for flight stabilizer and there's not so many area to paint. When I
install the flight stabilizer, the body of Kyrios seem wider and longer. Longer than MG Zeta 2.0

This picture I got from Flickr where this guy custom build the front flight stabilizer.
It's looks awesome with such that detail. Well, done sir.
360 Degree View

This folded-flight stabilizer seem to take a lot of space. It's really disturbing when you
try to display it at the corner of your room but the figure looks nice and awesome
Height Comparison
1/100 Kyrios with MG 00 Raiser

1/100 Kyrios with MG Zeta 2.0

Zeta FTW!
If you miss the 3rd part, use this link to go to WIP #3. Next stop, Weaponry. Scissor CUT.

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