Selasa, 05 Januari 2016

NG 1/100 Kyrios : WIP #3

It's been long time seen I'd posted the new entry. Well, the last one about bragging my GUNPLAs. Ho Ho Ho. Right, move on with the third review. I try to finish the upper body part that are the hand part. Basically, I spend a lot of time painting the grey part inside the shoulder and the finishing is not quite smoothly. Better use acrylic paint next time.

Introduce to my next 'vicitim'

Left picture show how the purple rubber functioned. The right picture show the position of the hand when it transform in Mobile Armor mode

There's also the rubber part inside the lower hand part.  Fortunately, We don't have to use any sticker like the HG one

Assembly part for the Kyrios' hand

Shoulder part. Where I painted a lot of area and the finishing is not smooth

Not forget to paint the little square at the lower hand

Done. Two part of left and right hand.

Attach the hand part to the body, Wait, some are not complete yet?

Aha! Forgot the fin part (or somewhat, I don't know). This is the tricky part to paint the grey  given at the tiny area.

Attach to the shoulder part. Look nicely at the picture

This area also I'd spend a lot of grey paint

Final assembly for this review and my work is done. Don.t forget to follow the 4th review. Coming soon..

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