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NG 1/100 Kyrios : WIP #4 | mygunplaspirit ...
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Mar 31, 2015 - Introduction: It has been a winter of no gunpla activity for me, so I thought I'd wake up my Gunpla spirit by doing a relatively simple project.
HGUC Zaku Mariner - Kusakusa Gunpla - WordPress.com
Mar 31, 2015 - It has been a winter of no gunpla activity for me, so I thought I'd wake up my Gunpla spirit by doing a relatively simple project. I chose the HGUC ...
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It has been a winter of no gunpla activity for me, so I thought I'd wake up my Gunpla spirit by doing a relatively simple project. I chose the HGUC Zaku Mariner as ...
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Photography and Gunpla from a Gundam ... - Gunpla @ Korea
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ZoiDiect's Base: RG 1/144 Strike Freedom Gundam
Jan 20, 2014 - ... 2014 at 9:22 AM. sadly now im gone again hahaha ^^;;; repainting this RG literally took out all my gunpla spirit, talk about bad productivity orz.
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my new assignment : double-0-mania, http://mygunplaspirit.blogspot.com/2016/01/my-new- ... my gunpla spirit, http://mygunplaspirit.blogspot.com/, _blank.
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Jan 9, 2011 - ReplyDelete. GedadoDicaprio 25/8/11 16:24. niiccee~ btw, selamat hari raya juga dari 

Selasa, 05 Januari 2016

My New Assignment : Double-0-Mania

2 month of semester break and I got nothing to do at home then got some idea. It's being long time I got no project. For year 2012, this is my new assignment. I got 3 non-grade gundam. Those who don't know me, I am a big fan of 00 Gundam series and for this package, I got a little problem. The problem, I order Seravee normal ver. and what I got is the designer ver. and I hate the pale color Well. that's okay because I paid for seravee normal ver. price. Worth my money ( I guess). Yeah, looking forward to finish these 3 guy.

I also got these Mr. Color. Try to learn to use these paint because before this I only use
 Gundam Marker and to Professional Modeler, I am kindly ask for your advice to use this paint
bacause I have no experience to use this. I also got Mr. Color Thinner

NG 1/100 Arios : What's The Difference?

Arios Gundam (HG) is the first Gunpla I ever have and I bought it with my own money after finished SPM. Lately, Non-grade Arios have been in my list on future Gunpla. I'd made a research at the internet and been spend time on Dalong.net. Result, I founded out there's two version of this NG Arios Gundam. There's normal version and Designers Color Version. Then, I came out, what's the difference?

Normal version and Designer Color Version

Of course there's a lot of differences. The normal one looks so bright in color and the Designer Version color looks so pale especially the grey part one and I don't like it. Although the normal one looks very striking, they don't have the designer sticker. Takayuki Yasane, the model designer had made an excellent sticker for 00 Gundam series. There's also a light gimmick for Designer Version. The light gimmick functioned only for the eyes part and I think it's not necessary.

Picture taken from AF-HOBBY.COM

If I want to spend some money on this kit, I probably spend on the normal version plus the water slide decal rather than Designer Version plus some batteries for LED. Yup, pretty worth my money. Second, my friend already bought the Designer Version. The kit look awesome and the color disappointed me.There's the photo my HG Arios Gundam and its successor HG Gundam Harute.

I have been live in a lot of dream and NG Arios is the one of the dream. Time (and money) will decide
when I will buy this awesome kit.

Photo taken from Dalong.net and AF-HOBBY

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Thursday, 1 March 2012
Next Project - NG 1/100 Virtue & Dynames

You hear that folks? Finally, my Gundam 00 Season 1 set will completely. I already have
Virtue and 2 set of beam gatling gun for my MG Unicorn. Now, I have to find NG 1/100 Dynames.
I'll start the next project in April when i'd finished my final exam. Best vacation ever!

NG 1/100 Kyrios : WIP #4

I realized that I only posted 3 entry only in 2012. It's only 2 entry for a month. Sigh. Where's my spirit gone? I hope I can post so many Gundam entry just like last year. In this WIP #4, I try to finish all lower part of my 1/100 Kyrios except for the weapon and the lining. FIY, I just also order 1/100 Virtue from AF-HOBBY. They sell many Gundam in a cheap price. Well, I got this just for RM140 where Gamer Arena sold for RM150. Heh, lucky me.

This is the final result we will get. Spoiler alert.

Start with the back skirt. This skirt is not movable like the front. So, it's little bit boring

What I suppose to call you? Leg-holder that attached to the middle. It's very tricky to paint with Gundam Marker.
Next time I'll use Gaia Color or Mr.Hobby acrylic paint.

The one that hold the Back Skirt

Inside back skirt, there's big area to paint. It's also have attachment for light sabers

Front skirt. Like I said before, they're movable. I use Yellow Gundam Marker .

Assembly line

Complete assembly with upper body parts and now for the leg part.
Leg Part

Left and right leg? I don't think so. It's only left leg, after finish painting grey and yellow part.

Assembly line
Grey part and area to cover with Gundam Marker. So tired to paint them.

Result of final painting. Left and right very symmetrical.
Flight Stabilizer
I don't have assembly line for flight stabilizer and there's not so many area to paint. When I
install the flight stabilizer, the body of Kyrios seem wider and longer. Longer than MG Zeta 2.0

This picture I got from Flickr where this guy custom build the front flight stabilizer.
It's looks awesome with such that detail. Well, done sir.
360 Degree View

This folded-flight stabilizer seem to take a lot of space. It's really disturbing when you
try to display it at the corner of your room but the figure looks nice and awesome
Height Comparison
1/100 Kyrios with MG 00 Raiser

1/100 Kyrios with MG Zeta 2.0

Zeta FTW!
If you miss the 3rd part, use this link to go to WIP #3. Next stop, Weaponry. Scissor CUT.

NG 1/100 Kyrios : WIP #3

It's been long time seen I'd posted the new entry. Well, the last one about bragging my GUNPLAs. Ho Ho Ho. Right, move on with the third review. I try to finish the upper body part that are the hand part. Basically, I spend a lot of time painting the grey part inside the shoulder and the finishing is not quite smoothly. Better use acrylic paint next time.

Introduce to my next 'vicitim'

Left picture show how the purple rubber functioned. The right picture show the position of the hand when it transform in Mobile Armor mode

There's also the rubber part inside the lower hand part.  Fortunately, We don't have to use any sticker like the HG one

Assembly part for the Kyrios' hand

Shoulder part. Where I painted a lot of area and the finishing is not smooth

Not forget to paint the little square at the lower hand

Done. Two part of left and right hand.

Attach the hand part to the body, Wait, some are not complete yet?

Aha! Forgot the fin part (or somewhat, I don't know). This is the tricky part to paint the grey  given at the tiny area.

Attach to the shoulder part. Look nicely at the picture

This area also I'd spend a lot of grey paint

Final assembly for this review and my work is done. Don.t forget to follow the 4th review. Coming soon..